Nerf gun types

N erf has been producing top quality foam toys since The company continues to grow as a prominent name thanks to its innovative combat toys.

Kids love to play with Nerf guns as they can compete with each other in various fun physical challenges. It is always great for kids to have fun with their foam guns as they can run around a field and challenge each other in many ways. But not all Nerf guns are ever truly alike. There are various different models for you to check out with each offering different fine features.

This guide will help you to review what Nerf guns are available for anyone to play with. Each model is unique and includes many fine features. You can also find some of these Nerf guns in different lines that the company makes with each line coming with different fun features that you and your kids will enjoy playing with. The N-Strike line of Nerf guns focuses on a more tactical approach. This Elite Strongarm Blaster gun offers a smaller pistol-shaped design that allows the user to quickly get it out while on the field of play.

A rotating barrel is used for storing six darts. These darts can shoot at up to 75 feet in range. The barrel advances automatically as the darts are fired. It is also easy to open up the barrel to load up new darts for firing, thus making this an effective model for use when shooting different things. You can even add a Nerf Tactical Rail to the top of the gun to make it easier to shoot out of. Be advised that this accessory is sold separately. The Zombie Strike series of Nerf guns offers an extreme style with a zombie-themed style.

The Doominator Blaster is a model in the Zombie Strike line that features a small handle at the front part to help you keep a good grip on the gun. This works with a traditional handle at the back end to add a comfortable surface for carrying. The four barrels on this model rotate between one another. Each barrel can handle six darts at a time.We recently reorganized all nerf guns by category. See all nerf guns below.

Find some old, but for now, mostly new nerf blasters released by Hasbro. More nerf guns will be added as they are released, and as all details on them are found. Nerf guns have been the leading source of weapons for epic Nerf battles for decades, but the year brought a whole barrel load of new gun lines to get you pumped. Hasbro waited until the New York Toy Fair to let us in on the epic releases scheduled for this year, but when they revealed the new series of weapons, the Nerf Nation cried tears of joy.

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Enough talk about the fair, lets jump into what really matters: the new editions. A comprehensive rundown of the most recent blasters can be found in our Nerf Guns of post with pictures. Science fiction is a popular genre that many of us enjoy, and this new weapon line provides you with a design that is not entirely mechanical; in fact, there is evidence of some alien writing on the each of the newly discovered blasters.

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The brand new Alien Menace line features a Ravager that holds up to eight darts in a jagged, rotating, pump action barrel. You can also choose to protect the human race with the Incisor that is locked and loaded with 16 darts and two trigger options that will either fire a line of darts at your enemies or focus on one target at a time.

Both of these weapons look amazing, with the purple, grey, and white alien design, but the orange accents are a bit offputing to say the least. What do you think? Does humanity stand a chance?

Nerfs Doomlands line is a line that was introduced last year to help humanity bring justice to the wasteland. The newly released expansion of this line features two epic weapons that heroes like you and I can use to bring justice to Earth. The Persuader is a pistol that features a hammer action design like you would utilize on a real pistol. You will be able to take your target down by firing four shots in a row, and you can even take a look at the inner working of the gun when it fires.

The second weapon being released in this line is actually the Double Dealer, which is a crossbow styled weapon that is capable of firing two shots at once. How awesome is that?Nailing your brother in the eyeball, sneaking up on your friend and shooting him right in the swingers, getting your sister "execution style" in the back of the head—and that was all just last week. Because growing up kinda sucks and getting pelted by foam really helps relieve the stress, we've decided to rummage through our past and find the best Nerf guns on Amazon Prime.

Happy shooting, hombres. It also costs half a month's rent! This bastard steampunk dreamboat is remote-controlled and can fire up to 12 darts up to 45 feet away. This isn't a Nerf gun, it's a Nerf-bot. This little ol' fashioned blaster is for the Nerf lover out there who seeks nothing but the sweet sound of dart on skin. Fires two darts, because sometimes that's all you need.

nerf gun types

An acceleration trigger shoots the bullets rapidly, making those hard-to-see targets who thought they were out-of-range very upset. The SharpFire Blaster configures six different ways to give you the gun of your dreams. Removable ammo holder, even a makeshift silencer Unlike most of Nerf's pump-loading guns, which require two hands to load and shoot, you only need one hand to shoot the Hammershot Blaster. One hand, five darts. What you want to do with that other hand is up to you.

Top 10 Best Nerf Guns : Ultimate Buying Guide (2020)

The Nerf Mega ThunderBow Blaster is for those who yearn for a different kind of battle—one that involves class, marksmanship, and agility. This the gun that starts and ends wars. You're welcome.

nerf gun types

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NERF Blaster Comparison

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nerf gun types

We will get through this together. Updated: November 21, References. With so many types of Nerf guns available, it can be really easy to buy the wrong type of darts for your blaster. Checking what kind of Nerf darts your gun takes, looking for them online or on sale in stores, and carefully selecting your darts can ensure you buy the right ones.

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Learn more Buying Your Darts. Related Articles. Part 1 of Check what type of blaster you have. There should be a molded label on the side of your blaster that says what kind it is.The world of NERF guns can be very confusing. There are hundreds of different blasters in all manner of shapes and sizes.

To make things even more difficult, some guns are only compatible with certain darts whilst others can shoot more than one type! Our aim is to be your guide through the weird and wonderful world of blasters and help you find your perfect gun. We will go into detail on each range, providing an overview of the key features, specify the type of dart they use and point out our favourite blaster. We are going to kick off with N-Strike Elite range. As the successor to the original N-Strike series, Elite blasters have been going sincemaking them some of the oldest blasters still in circulation.

The core characteristic of N-Strike Elite guns is a fire distance of up to 75ft — a huge uplift from the original 35ft found on N-Strikes. There are of course variations within the range but as a rule of thumb, if your blaster is primary blue or orange there is a high chance it is an N-Strike Elite. For newbies the N-Strike Elite range is a perfect fit. N-Strike blasters offer the best range and functionality without adding any addition worries such as customization.

Elite blasters can fire a wide range of ammunition but we must be clear, they cannot fire Mega darts. Your safest bet is to pick up a pack of N-Strike Elite darts which are thinner than their MEGA cousins and specifically designed to be fired by Elite blasters.

Though Elite darts should be your primary ammunition, the blasters are also compatible with Tag and Suction darts — not to mention a large range of themed darts. If you are looking for an easy to use, no nonsense blaster to get you going then we recommend you check out the N-Strike Elite Rough Cut.

The Rough Cut is a double barrelled blaster which fires two darts at a time and has a pump action priming mechanism. Once you are primed and ready, simply pull the trigger and unleash darts at an unsuspecting enemy.

Making use of specially designed MEGA darts, which are thicker than standard Elite ammunition, the range boasts a range of up to ft. The MEGA range is typified by a bold red colour scheme and whilst you may find some orange, white or black detail thrown in you can be confident that if its red blaster it is almost guaranteed to be a MEGA gun. If you are looking for a gun with a little more punch than the Elite range then the MEGA series may be right up your street.

MEGA blaster barrels are made a little bigger to accommodate for a larger dart size; smaller darts will fit but only a MEGA dart will be able to reach to ft range as advertised. In order to get the best out of your gun you are best sticking with the slightly thicker and specially designed ammunition. The CycloneShock blaster is a lovely little gun.

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Featuring a 6 shot rotating barrel, the CycloneShock lets you take more darts onto the field than a standard front loaded blaster. Simply pull back the priming mechanism located at the top of the blaster and you are ready to blast. The blasters in Doomlands series may not have the pedigree of Elite or MEGA guns but they are a lot of fun and look damn cool to boot!

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First launchedDoomlands guns are typified by their bulkier design and inclusion of transparent windows which let you see the inner workings of your blaster. Even though Doomlands blasters may look a little intimidating, they are an absolute joy to use.

So if you have a load of extra Elite ammunition lying about then you already have ammo for your Doomlands blaster! Featuring three vertically aligned, front loaded barrels, the Persuader is super easy to use and lets you bring some considerable firepower onto the field. What makes the Persuader stand out from the rest though is inclusion of a thumb controlled cocking mechanism, this means that with some practice you can actually dual-wield this bad boy!I'll admit it, I'm an adult that loves Nerf guns.

I recently got into it because of my little cousin who showed me his collection and all of the different types of games he played with his friends. Where was that stuff when I was a kid? So in this post I've listed out 10 different types of Nerf darts that you may not know about.

Nerf War Games Types – A History of Nerfage

See it here on Amazon. This is the most popular type of nerf dart that you can buy on the market today, and they are designed to be easy to shoot and to travel long distances accurately without causing much damage when they make impact with their target.

Although these could injure another person when shot at close range or shot in the face, traditional nerf darts generally do not cause a lot of damage due to their size and how soft they are. They come in a wide variety of designs, making it possible for nerf gun aficionados to choose the darts that will work best with their nerf gun, as well as their shooting and playing style.

Traditional nerf darts have a soft foam body, as well as a harder tip, that helps to balance the body and give them the weight necessary for proper flight. Mega nerf darts are much larger than traditional darts are, which means that they can not only cause more damage if they hit something at close range, but are also more likely to hurt when they hit a person. Their larger size makes them significantly easier to find when they are lost, which is one reason why a lot of players turn to this style of nerf dart.

They tend to be more intimidating than traditional nerf darts and also require a much larger gun to shoot them, which can slow down a player, while at the same time making them a force to be reckoned with. While they are considered to be a nerf dart, high impact rounds are actually spherical rounds that are shot out of a nerf gun.

They are the hardest hitting of all nerf darts, which means that they can cause the most damage and easily injure another player if shot in the face. Made from a durable foam, these balls can be shot very quickly, making them easy to use for rapid fire situations. However, their weight and shape tends to prevent them from traveling as far as traditional nerf darts are able to. These rounds tend to bounce around a lot once they land, which can make them rather difficult to find when playing a game.

While most nerf darts can be used with different series of guns, there is only one series that will fire this type of round. Suction nerf darts look like traditional nerf darts, but have a small suction cup on the end of them, which can allow them to easily stick to certain surfaces in a home, such as windows, cabinets, and walls.

They have a suction tip that is the same size as the body, which improves their performance and makes them very easy to shoot and to aim. This results in a streamlined dart that generally flies evenly through the air and is fairly easy to control. However, the suction cup tip does still provide a fair amount of drag, which slows down its travel through the air, but this helps to ensure that the darts are safe to use around other players and in the home.

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